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Erath Police Department, Louisiana Basic Details, Erath City Police Records, Inmate Search and Jail Roster Information

Updated on: April 17, 2023
Erath Police Department
Location 114 West Bourque Street, Erath, Louisiana, 70533

The Erath Police Department lies at 114 West Bourque Street, Erath, Louisiana, 70533. Erath law enforcement agency came into operation to protect the Erath citizens from crimes and provide peace of mind for all Erath communities who live or visit there.

This Erath Police provides citywide law enforcement services to 2,114 residents of Erath, including traffic enforcement and criminal investigations. Remarkably, the Erath law enforcement agency is responsible for the safety of the Erath citizens and visitors of Vermilion Parish.

Erath City Police Inmate Search and Jail Roster Information

If you are searching for data on any individual that is currently housed at Erath Police Jail, you can visit the official inmate lookup link on the Erath law enforcement agency’s website. You can also call the Erath law enforcement agency at 337-937-5651 or fax 337-937-6997 to find information about the perpetrator.

Note: Keep in hand criminals data like Full Name, age, sex, DOB and inmate ID.

However, If you are still unable to lookup the whereabouts of the inmate, then you can try finding on Louisiana statewide inmate search page

Erath Police Records

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Erath Police Department Jurisdiction and Contacts

The Erath law enforcement agency’s jurisdiction is the City of Erath, Vermilion Parish. You can reach the Erath Police Office by calling 337-937-5651 or fax 337-937-6997.

The Erath Police Department Mission and Vision

The mission of the Erath Police is to protect and serve Erath citizens by providing a safe environment for them to live, work and visit. The vision of the Erath Police Office is to be the best police department in the nation.

Erath Police Department Responsibilities

The Erath law enforcement department is responsible for the safe and secure operation of the Erath transportation system, including public and private roadways, bridges, and tunnels. The Erath Police Office also investigates crimes involving public safety.

Also, the Erath law enforcement agency is responsible for traffic control at all intersections in Erath. Also, the Erath Police Department enforces laws related to driving while intoxicated (DWI), including checkpoints and sobriety checks.

In general, the Erath Police Department has many obligations, including responding to crimes, conducting investigations, making arrests, enforcing laws and regulations, and ensuring public safety in Erath and Vermilion Parish.

For more on Erath Police Department services, visit website.

Erath Police Department — General Information

Facility Name Erath Police Department
Facility Type Police Department
Address 114 West Bourque Street, Erath, Louisiana, 70533
City Erath
Postal Code 70533
State Louisiana
County Vermilion Parish


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